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Licensed State Land Surveyor!
Michael Evans, RPLS, LSLS, can provide surveying services on state owned lands: vacancies, excess, patents, beds of navigable streams and coastal boundaries.

Great Southwestern Land Surveyors, LLC, which comprises a Licensed State Land Surveyor, Registered Professional Land Surveyors, Surveyors in Training, field Personnel and administrative staff provides professional land surveying services for a wide variety of industries, including the title industry, oil and gas industry, and the design and construction industry.
Great Southwestern Land Surveyors, LLC, recognized for its varied surveying disciplines and diverse experience, offers the services of Registered Professional Land Surveyors and a Licensed State Land Surveyor, along with surveying, technical and administrative support personnel. Among our registered and paraprofessionals we have more than a half century.... Great Southwestern Land Surveyors, LLC, is committed to providing quality services and customer satisfaction. Realizing that any given project requires coordination with different disciplines, we strive to work with our clients and follow all projects from conception to successful completion.

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